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spadealers finland
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finnish hot tub

Spadealers Oy is located in Korsnäs, Western Finland. The plant, founded in 1981, was the beginning of a family business. The Hot Tubs business concept came about in 2003. 

What do we offer

Spadealers wooden products made from Finnish heat treated pine LunaWood are designed to be luxurious, but at the same time simple and cozy. The business idea was specifically designed to further develop the traditional hot tubs and saunas in terms of design, function and technology. The hot tubs that are produced today are highly developed but are still designed with simple and practical construction solutions in order to achieve the highest possible functionality.



The certificate, which confirms compliance with the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015, is proof of the reliability of the company and its holistic approach to guarantee high quality products. Many of our developments are protected by patents or patents. Our determined investment in the development of the traditional hot tub has established us as one of the leading innovators in this industry.


What you can rely on when you contact us:

  • Thoughtful approach and rationality - we do not offer cheap and high quality hot tubs and whirlpools, our price corresponds to the result.
  • Reliability - we only use proven materials and devices.
  • Professionalism - we make high quality hot tubs and saunas, we use modern technologies and devices, we have practical experience, we are attentive to every little thing.


As a result

Behind our shoulders are satisfied customers who have received more than they expected.
Spadealers hot tubs work in Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine etc.


Trust us!
Spadealers guiding principle "Where quality and service meet" says a lot about our goals, which are very ambitious but are also a matter of course for a company when it comes to being the best provider in this industry.

Our products at exhibitions

spadealers finland