Characteristics of a hot tub Exclusive


Size: standard diameter 150 cm, large wooden bath tub 180 cm.


Capacity: in a hot tubs are 6 or 8 seats (removable benches).


Height: outside height of the hot tub min. 110 cm. (max. up to 150 cm.).


Depth: inner depth of 90 cm, which allows you to stay half-seated, almost completely in the water, which distinguishes the hot tub from the spa tubs of other manufacturers.


Volume: the total inner volume is 1200 l. or 1800 l.



Installation options


  • indoors or outdoors.





  • cold, hot. The hot tub can be used as cold tub for cooling after the Russian banya or in the sauna (ice cool tub), as well as a hot tub with heated water (electric heating, wood stove, gas heater and any combination).




The structure of the hot tub


  • in the production of hot tubs "Exclusive" the technique of stapling the boards in the grooves was used, the boards were pressed together with stainless steel rings without the use of glue, sealants and nails! The hot tubs, which is supplemented with an inner polymer coating for a rich look, are absolutely dense, they do not leak, they are always ready for use in every season. High-quality materials ensure long-term durability, giving you peace of mind as the years go by. 


Removable benches! We are the only manufacturer that has designed the removable benches. Now it's much easier and faster to clean the inner surface of the wooden hot tub under the benches and reinstall them. Hot tub offers complete freedom of movement, and more room for company.






  • hot tub made of Finnish thermowood Lunawood. Natural eco-friendly thermowood contains no chemical compounds, resins, glue or paint and is also not coated with polymers. Finnish thermowood is a beautiful, sustainable wood product made using a natural process using high temperatures and water vapor. 


Coating: our transparent inner coating makes cleaning the surface easier and gives the hot tub a luxurious appearance, the surface becomes smooth, shiny, the texture of the wood is more pronounced.



Warranty period


  • 2 years for private use, 6 months for commercial use.



Accessories for hot tubs


    + electric heating, wood burning stove, gas water heater, walls insulation, underwater LED light, staircase, air bubble massage system, hydro-massage system, water filter system, insulated lid or 2-piece wooden cover etc.


Various hot tub kits are a successful combination of functionality, ease of installation and easy handling. Buy a hot tub - Finnish quality, attractive price. Bring together three generations of family, celebrate with friends, or simply enjoy the superior comfort however you see fit.

The "Exclusive" series - a traditional hot tub direct from the Finnish anufacturer. Only we have a choice of three options for heating water. Best eco-certified wood: the hot tub guarantees a healing effect through the use of environmentally friendly Finnish thermowood Lunawood.


Hot tub Exclusive