Enhance your hot tub enjoyment and transform your spa ambience with the calming and therapeutic experience of underwater lighting. These lights are beneficial for both aesthetics and safety at the same time, they will enable you to benefit from using your spa tub at anytime of the day and provide extra safety when swimming in the evening.

  • Underwater LED light. The underwater backlight system gives an automatic color change between red, blue, green and yellow every 4 seconds or sets one selected color. In one hot tub you can set up to 10 LED lamps that will be connected to one control block.


Backlight system adapted to work in conditions of high humidity. Choose a color to suit your mood. Calm down and relax!

  • Control system with multi-functional touch panel. The functionality of the system allows you to control the operation of the electric water heater and maintain the temperature in the range of + 10 - 42 °C, select filtering cycles, control the operation of the circulation pump, filtration and massage systems, as well as set the desired mode of water backlight operation.