Zewnętrzne schodki
drewniane schodki do balii ogrodowej
Zagłówek ze sztucznej skóry
pokrywa do dżakuzi
pokrywa do dżakuzi
pokrywa termiczna do balii ogrodowej


  • Outside stairs. With the help of the outside staircase it is easier to get in and out of the hot tub or portable spa. The standard model of the wooden staircase consists of two steps, and the special staircase consists of three steps, the third (upper) of which is the lid of the insulated box, where the necessary electrical equipment can be placed.
  • Faux leather headrest. Protective head restraint provides correct and natural bending of the spine in the neck. As a result, the neck muscles relax, the head is placed comfortably, the clamped vessels are released and blood circulation improves. The headrest is attached to the decorative border and makes the process of bathing and relaxing more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Hot tub cover. In order to protect the water from pollution, energy saving and minimizing temperature losses during evaporation, three bath barrel cover models are offered: thermal insulation cover or wooden cover. The cover consists of two identical parts that can only open half of the wooden tub or portable spa.


Wooden cover and thermal insulation cover for wooden ofuro hot tubs:

  • Top decorative rim. The wooden rim serves as a stand for drinks and other small items and is also an aesthetic completion of the upper edge of the staves.

Thermal insulated heated hot tub and outdoor spa covers :

Portable spa covers: