A great solution is a combination of water and air massage, which allows you to relax perfectly while taking a bath. Specially jets allow for an effective massage that releases tension and relaxes.

HYDROMASSAGE (back area, 6 jets):

- 1 x 4.5" targeted jet
- 1 x 3.3" targeted action jet
- 2 x 2" pulsating jets
- 2 x 2" jets for targeted action

AEROMASSAGE (leg area, 1 jet):

- 1 directed jet with 25 holes

With a strong direct shoulder massage, a mid back kneading action and pulsating massage for the low back, this massage is just right for the person desiring both relaxation and therapy in the same seat. Pulsating water improves blood circulation, reduces stress, reduces fatigue and has a positive effect on the comfort of the soul and body.


The nozzle system allows a complete selection of massage, from the most intensive and stimulating to milder treatments. Some need a strong stream, others just sway in the soothing water. As a result of the combination of two types of massage, it becomes more gentle, fatigue slowly recedes giving way to well-being.

  • Hydromassage system. When using hydromassage, thanks to the powerful 900 W pump, we succumb to the influence of the water stream, enriched by the power of the air stream. In places where the stream of water touches the body with bubbles, blood pressure in the muscles is regulated, calmed and refreshed. Water-air massage has a beneficial effect on the mind and the elimination of anxiety.


  • Air massage (aeromassage) system. With 700 W pump, air massage is a gentler massage than hydro or water-air. The effect of rehabilitation is due to the fact that water and air coming from the nozzles have different temperatures. The massage is complemented by the caress of air bubbles released by the blowers.


About the principles of their work and the physiological effects of hydromassage and aeromasage on the human body, please read here (soon).