Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaKing
Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaKing
Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaKing
Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaStar
Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaStar
Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaStar

The "Polar" series - is an outdoor spa tub specially designed for all-season outdoor use and includes hydro and aero massagers. The outdoor spa tub guarantees a healing effect through the use of environmentally friendly Finnish thermowood Lunawood. Year-round Finnish heated spa tubs allow you to comfortably collect family or friends and enjoy bathing. These fantastic outdoor spa tubs are designed for a healthy lifestyle! Outdoor spa tub "Polar" - a very simple and healthy solution!


Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaKing
















Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaKing can be in two modifications:

  • AquaKing Jets - with aeromassage, with one or two hydromassage;
  • AquaKing Standard - with aeromassage, without hydromassage.


We are also pleased to offer you an outdoor spa tubs without aeromassage and without hydromassage, which gives you the opportunity to use a tub in the role of a wooden mini pool.


Outdoor spa tub Polar AquaStar













The outdoor spa tub Polar Aquastar is ideal for those who want to have the best: powerful aeromassage and 4 hydromassage sections for optimal relaxation. The joys of outdoor bathing and relaxation have immense physical and mental benefits for you and your family. 



Characteristic of an outdoor spa tub Polar


Size: standard diameter 150 cm, large outdoor whirlpool 180 cm.


Construction geometry: Polar Aquaking - a round jacuzzi with a decorative polygonal border, Polar AquaStar - has a square shape.


Capacity: there are 6 or 8 seats in an outdoor spa tub.


Height: outside height of the outdoor spa tub 111 cm. (Polar AquaKing) and 112 cm. (Polar AquaStar).


Depth: inner depth of 90 cm, which allows you to stay half-seated, almost completely in the water, which distinguishes the outdoor spa tub Polar from the whirlpool of other manufacturers.


Volume: the total internal volume is 1200 l. or 1800 l.






  • cold, hot. The Finnish outdoor spa tub can be used as a whirlpool for cooling after the steam bath or in the sauna (ice barrel), as well as a hot tub with heated water (electric heating, wood burning stove, gas water heater).



The structure of the spa tub


  • in the manufacture of "Polar" tubs, the technique of stapling the boards in spike grooves was used, the boards were pressed together with stainless steel rings. The Finnish outdoor spa tubs are absolutely tight, they do not leak, they are ready for use at any time of the year.







  • outdoor spa tub made of Finnish thermowood Lunawood. Natural, environmentally friendly thermowood contains no chemical compounds, resins, glue or varnish. Finnish thermo wood is a beautiful, sustainable wood product that is produced using a natural process using high temperatures and water vapor.


Coating: our transparent inner coating makes cleaning the surface easier and gives the outdoor whirlpool from a Finnish manufacturer a luxurious look, the surface becomes smooth, shiny, the texture of the wood is more pronounced.





Installation options


  • indoors or outdoors.


Thermal insulation of the floor, cladding, boxes with the equipment is carried out with a material thickness of 30-50 mm. The energy-saving cover consists of high-density foam 50-70 mm thick and a vinyl cover.

















Thermal insulation


  • the "Polar" outdoor spa tubs keeps the cold outside, even in really cold weather. Everything is insulated so well that the water stays warm, even after a long power cut. Our full insulation is very evenly dispersed inside the spa cabinet, leaving no gaps or thermal voids. It is an inorganic material that prevents mold and mildew. The end result is the best possible insulation, leading to the lowest possible operating costs. A well-insulated outdoor spa tub loses an average of 2 °C per day (depending on the ambient temperature) when the insulating cover is in place. During whirl bathing, additional heat is lost in the form of evaporation via the water surface. In a outdoor spa tub with approx. two meters of water, these losses can add up to 3-5 °C in one hour, depending on the outside temperature.















This will significantly reduce the cost of heating water. Of course, the comfortably warm water of a whirlpool cannot be available for free. The electricity consumption for the heat supply and for the filtration are around 5 kWh per day at a water temperature of 37°C. This type of construction has no functional difficulties at temperatures down to -30°C.




Warranty period


  • 2 years for private use, 6 months for commercial use.




Accessories for outdoor spa tub


    + wood burning stove, extra gas water heater, underwater LED light, staircase, UV-C disinfection system.


Outdoor spa tubs are an ideal way to find relaxation in your own home. What could be more relaxing than a warm hot tub after a stressful day? Lie down in the warm, soothing water, close your eyes and let your mind wander.


Different ready kits of outdoor spa tubs are a successful combination of functionality, simple installation and easy handling. With our whirlpool systems you also ensure a pleasant massage effect that you otherwise only know from a wellness holiday.


Buy an outdoor spa tub "Polar" - Finnish quality, attractive price.

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