Portable polyethylene hot tub CityTub
Portable polyethylene hot tub FinnTub
Portable polyethylene hot tub TopSpa XS

The "FinnTub" and "TopSpa XS" series - is a traditional portable hot tub for a Russian banya or a sauna, with a polyethylene insert or acrylic insert. The hot tub guarantees a healing effect. In the portable hot tub you can treat yourself to a relaxing and beneficial break in the garden for body and soul. This fantastic portable hot tub contains all the good properties you could wish for. Close to nature, environmentally friendly, economical, mobile, free-standing and usable all year round are just a few keywords. The hot tub is a way of realizing your own lifestyle that promotes health and well-being.


Portable polyethylene hot tub














After a long walk in stormy autumn or through the icy landscape covered with white powder snow, a warm hot tub is a guarantee that you will quickly warm up again. Portable hot tub offer fantastic opportunity to relax with someone you hold dear. 


Portable acrylic hot tub














In summer you can cool off and use the portable hot tub as a paddling pool. With our portable hot tubs it is bathing season even in winter. We all know that taking a hot bath is a fantastic way to relax – it often feels as though for every inch your body descends into the warm of the water, a kilo of stress slips off your shoulders. As you lower yourself into the water your body actually does become lighter due to the relatively higher density of water than air, which lowers the strain on your body and heart. You thus not only feel, but actually are, lighter. That is but one of many advantages of portable hot tubs.





Characteristic of a portable hot tub CityTub, FinnTub, TopSpa XS


Size: standard diameter 170 cm.


Height: outside height of the hot tub 111 cm.


Capacity: there are 6 seats inside.


Insert material: polyethylene, acrylic.


Depth: inner depth of 100 cm, which allows you to remain half-seated, almost completely in the water, which distinguishes the portable hot tub from the tubs of other manufacturers.




Installation options


  • indoors or outdoors. Placing a portable hot tub in a high rise apartment or on a balcony or deck is easy.




Warranty period


  • 2 years for private use, 6 months for commercial use.




Accessories for portable hot tub


    + electric heating, gas water heater, wood burning stove, walls insulation, underwater LED light, staircase, air bubble massage system, water filter system, insulated lid, UV-C disinfection system, mini bar.


Various Finnish portable hot tub kits are a successful combination of functionality, ease of installation and easy handling. Great advantage of these portable hot tubs is dramatically reduced heating time due to closed seating area. Whether made of acrylic or polyethylene, a portable hot tub is a blessing for every man and woman.


Buy a portable hot tub direct from Finland - Finnish quality, attractive price. The combination of their relaxing effects and the fact that they stimulate endorphin release make portable hot tubs an ideal place to chat away with friends and family – you may be surprised to see how keen people become to come over for a visit!

Portable acrylic hot tub CityTub
Portable acrylic hot tub TopSpa XS
Portable acrylic hot tub TopSpa XS