220 cm.


140 cm.


74 cm.


180 kg.


 grill body

 sidetable with metal frame

fireplace insert

dome with roof, chimneys


fire grate

grill grate (60 x 46cm)

chains with fasteners

KATOSGRILLI STEEL SD is a variant of a grill with a steel door. The design of the grill allows you to place it under the roof or in a garden gazebo. Equipped with a smoke hood and a chimney consisting of two parts (2 x 1 m), complete with fasteners and chains. Perfect results of grilling in any weather!


The model has a double body, which means that the outer part of the grill does not heat up, and the front and side tables in a steel frame make it easier to work with the grill. The grill has a grate with a smooth height adjustment and a double-sided grill rack 60 x 46 cm. made of stainless steel (grill function / pan stand). This gives you full control over the premature burning of the product, convenience and an extremely aromatic taste of each grilled dish. The Finnish garden grill is the best helper in barbecue preparation, and the attractive appearance of the grill will be an additional highlight.


Thanks to its features, this model has won the sympathy of fans and professionals of grilling. Today, the Finnish KATOSGRILLI STEEL grill is the most popular model among the grills placed against the wall. Since KATOSGRILLI STEEL grills are versatile garden kitchens, much more than just a barbecue grill. Try recipes for cooking, baking, stewing, smoking and frying. Create a kitchen in your garden!


Grilled dishes are perfect for a family holiday or a garden party. When planning a barbecue menu, take care of the main dishes, appetizers and salads. A universal solution will be two main grilled dishes: one vegetable, and the other meat or fish. It is worth diversifying the grill menu and making sure that guests have a choice of different types of meat / fish. On the grill, among the meat dishes, there may be pre-pickled pork neck, ribs or banal simple chicken wings and legs, as well as grilled sausage. Grilled fish and grilled seafood are a delicious alternative to meat. What kind of grilled fish? Pre-marinated mackerel, fillets or salmon steaks, seafood: shrimp, squid. Freshwater fish: grilled carp, catfish steaks or pike. We offer to prepare a marinade for the grill based on olive oil, white wine, garlic and lemon juice. Grill baskets and wood planks will be especially useful when grilling fish.



  • all products are characterized by high quality

  • have an original design and practicality

  • extremely comfortable and easy to use

  • great temperature control for grilling

  • multifunctional devices 

  • construction durability for many years

  • high resistance to weather conditions

  • grilling on natural wood is healthier

  • all-year-round mobile or stationary devices 

With your own Valugrilli grill, you can easily prepare a delicious meal and even for a large group of people!


Invest in Valugrilli products, trusted by thousands of customers around the world! Made of high-quality materials and design solutions guarantee the reliable operation of the grill. The set is very easy to assemble and immediately ready for use after assembly.