220/77 cm.


96 cm.


96 cm.


80 kg.


 grill body

 dome with roof

 intermediate pipes 3 pcs.

hooks 4 pcs.


fire poker

fire grate

 grill grate

cooking rack

 frying pan

 grill board

✓ fixator with a handle 2 pcs.

 clamp for accessories

Swivel grill for fire pit, tripod barbecue grill, fire pit bowl with BBQ grill grate - are the most popular design options for grill lovers and handmade outdoor cooking. For a more presentable modern equivalent of a traditional barbecue that will become a highlight of the garden, take a look at the LAPPI Island Grill. The garden grill kit has everything - from the grill grate, rich set, to the fireplace. LAPPI Garden Grill - one grill and many ways to cook on fire or charcoal! 


First of all, the grill has a large fireplace positioned at a comfortable height for users. Thanks to the well thought-out design, even large groups of people can gather comfortably near the hearth. The round grill will become not only a place for preparing food, but also a place for a joint meal.


Additionally, you should pay attention to the materials of the product and functional solutions. The grill body is made of powder-coated steel. High quality stainless steel accessories will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding grill users. The unique, stepless and easy adjustment of the rotary elements makes grilling more comfortable. The grill grate has skewer slots on the sides. Intermediate shelf, hooks for grilling tools make work easier.


Grill accessories are quick to install, so you only have the accessories you need at any time. You can also easily remove all the equipment so that you only have an atmospheric fireplace.


The LAPPI grill guarantees stability, durability, functionality and, of course, the required size of the grill surface for comfortable cooking. Considering all these advantages, this is one of the most interesting grills on offer.



  • all products are characterized by high quality

  • have an original design and practicality

  • extremely comfortable and easy to use

  • great temperature control for grilling

  • multifunctional devices 

  • construction durability for many years

  • high resistance to weather conditions

  • grilling on natural wood is healthier

  • all-year-round mobile or stationary devices 

With your own Valugrilli grill, you can easily prepare a delicious meal and even for a large group of people!


Invest in Valugrilli products, trusted by thousands of customers around the world! Made of high-quality materials and design solutions guarantee the reliable operation of the grill. The set is very easy to assemble and immediately ready for use after assembly.