220 cm.


109 cm.


109 cm.


80 kg.


 grill body

 dome with roof

 intermediate pipes 2 pcs.

side table 6 pcs.


fire poker

fire grate

 grill grate 60x46 cm

cooking rack

 cast iron pan 45 cm

 grill board 2 pcs.

✓ fixator with a handle 2 pcs.

What is the best barbecue to buy? Most often, two types are chosen: a charcoal grill or a gas grill. We recommend the Finnish grill PALLAS - convenient, practical, multifunctional. This is an equipment with lifting and turning mechanisms that allow you to cook different dishes on an open fire (wood) or charcoal at the same time. A characteristic feature of the Finnish grill is the presence of a smoke dome and a chimney for installation in gazebos, terraces and traditional Finnish houses called "kota".


Grill PALLAS is an island barbecue grill that will look great in a gazebo or under a roof. The fire bowl, legs and fire grate are made of powder-coated steel. Dome with a rain canopy made of stainless steel. Intermediate shelf and side tops made of solid pine.


This is a universal grill for cooking a variety of dishes. The grill has rotating elements with smooth height adjustment, which allows you to control the temperature of dishes on the grill. High-quality basic and additional equipment expand the possibilities of the grill and make grilling even more enjoyable.


Finnish barbecues are a unique barbecue ideology and a way to spend your free time. The island grill for lovers of traditional charcoal grilling gives the opportunity to enjoy the taste of dishes that smell of fire and smoke, and creates a unique atmosphere of a joint feast around the grill.



  • all products are characterized by high quality

  • have an original design and practicality

  • extremely comfortable and easy to use

  • great temperature control for grilling

  • multifunctional devices 

  • construction durability for many years

  • high resistance to weather conditions

  • grilling on natural wood is healthier

  • all-year-round mobile or stationary devices 

With your own Valugrilli grill, you can easily prepare a delicious meal and even for a large group of people!


Invest in Valugrilli products, trusted by thousands of customers around the world! Made of high-quality materials and design solutions guarantee the reliable operation of the grill. The set is very easy to assemble and immediately ready for use after assembly.