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przepływowy ogrzewacz wody
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podgrzewacz wody gazowy
Balia z piecem wewnętrznym
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Balia z piecem zewnętrznym
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Every real Finnish wooden tub or outdoor spa from SpaDealers can be equipped with a water heater: wood stove (15 or 25 kW), gas water heater (24 kW) or electric instantaneous water heater (1x3 kW or 2x3 kW), which are located only on the outside side of the portable spa. This allowed us to increase the usable space inside the heated hot tub and ensure rapid and even water heating throughout the volume with a water temperature difference of up to ~ 5-6 °! It is possible to choose from several types of hot water heating in a hot tub or use a combination of them. We want to draw our customers' attention to the difference between an external and an internal heater. 


  • The electric water heater for the hot tub with the thermostat, as well as the hot water heater without the thermostat, has a power of 3 kW, which provides a water heating rate in the range of 1-2 ° C / hour.

  • External wood stoves ensure even water heating based on the thermosiphon principle. We offer furnaces with two power levels: the equivalent of 15 kW and 25 kW. To reduce heat loss, we recommend using a thermo lid. Stainless steel or aluminum wood stoves - external hot water heater, designed for wood heating, is safer compared to immersion stoves, because there is no risk of contact with the hot part of the stove as with a submerged stove. The external heater saves space in the hot barrel, making it possible to use a smaller heated bathing barrel for more people. It also makes maintenance and cleaning much easier.

  • Specially designed for portable spa and ofuro hot tub, the highly efficient gas water heater has an output equivalent to 24 kW, which ensures a water heating rate of up to 15 ° C / hour. Propane (30 mbar) or methane (20 mbar) is used as the gas fuel. The gas water heater has an automatic trigger mechanism that keeps the temperature at a given level. To reduce heat loss, we recommend using a hot tub cover.

For rational use and shortening of the water heating time, it is always possible to predict how much water should initially be poured into the hot tub. It should be remembered that the volume of one person increases the water level by an average of 5 cm. (e.g. hot tub with a diameter of 150 cm).

Only in our tubs the water temperature is uniformity ensured in the whole inner volume of the barrel! Only owners of Finnish SpaDealers hot tubs and spa will not have problems with uneven heating of water in the tub.


To understand one of our competitive advantages, here is an example of the process of "uniform" heating of water in wooden tubs of other manufacturers:


  • Variant 1. Heated hot tub with internal stove
  • Variant 2. Wooden tub with external stoves
  • Variant 3. Ofuro hot tub with integrated stoves
  • Variant 4. Portable spa with outside stoves