One of the most important properties that a hot tub and outdoor spa should offer is high water quality. Spadealers wooden tubs and portable spa are equipped with the latest water treatment technology. The water filter system and many other components ensure pure, crystal-clear water while minimizing maintenance and the use of chemical additives.


  • Filter systems (cartridge filter, polymer).

Water filtration is an important mechanical way to keep the water in a heated hot tub or spa clean. Without a filter the hot tub water would fill with contaminants; quickly make the hot tub unusable. These contaminants come from both outside sources and from the bathers using the hot tub and portable spa. If left alone they can cause a range of problems; from cloudy water, to an increase in chemical usage, to the growth of an algae bloom. To combat this, hot tubs come equipped with a filtration system.

  • BactiSafe UV disinfection system.

To make the water filtation more efficient and reduce the need for chemical treatment, we recommend the use of UV-C disinfection system (wavelength 253.7 Nm), which guarantees the freshness, purity and transparency of the water and prevents of mold, bacterial plaque and algae.